The Fiber Collective presents:

OCTOBER 14, 1995

150 Folsom Street (at Spear)
San Francisco
Party: 10 pm-6 am
Fashion show: 12:30 am
Tickets: $7 in advance/$10 at the door
Information: 415.789.8448

SAN FRANCISCO- On Saturday, October 14, 1995, a party called Fiber will weave together the digital technology of today with the fashion designs of tomorrow in a presentation of new work by Bay Area artists. Fiber shifts away from the traditional fashion show paradigm by showcasing the garments in the sensory-overloading environment they were created to be worn in. Models are replaced with dancers, runways with podiums. Transmedia artists, laser technicians, DJs, and musicians are working with the fashion designers to create a pure thoughtspace celebrating creativity, collaboration and global communication via the Internet. A team of videographers will shoot the festivities, mix the images with surreal prerecorded footage, textual messages, and computer animation produced on-the-fly, and project the visual blends as hypnotic electric wallpaper. The entire psychedelic spectacle will be transmitted onto both a World Wide Web page and over the Internet in real time for viewing with CU-SeeMe desktop videoconferencing software. The Fiber Collective embraces computers and the Internet as empowering tools enabling individuals to generate and distribute their own media content without the need for deep-pocketed middlemen. The process is the product.

Fiber producer:

Annie Phyo is a digital video and computer artist, webmistress and professional multimediatrix. She has worked with Cyberlab7 and is a founding member of Dimension7, two experimental media production houses in San Francisco.

Fiber fashion designers:

Tria Connell was sent here from planet Zartax to design intergalactic outfits for the masses.

Oliver Helden designs space suits for next millennium's riot nrrrds and spent several years breathing fire as part of the tribal noise band Crash Worship.

Penelope Star, a company founded last year by Susan Robinson and Aaron Buhrz, designs and produces mod space clothing for superheroines. Their garments are available at Rolo and Villains in San Francisco.

Kelly Sparks' line of technofemme sleekwear is constructed from photographic slides and holographic fabric. She is an assistant designer for Esprit by day.

Fiber DJs:

The Baroness AKA Charlotte, Bruno, Felix (Black Diamond), Finn, Grey-V

Fiber ambient musicians:

Sound sculptures by Marcus on electrified violin

Fiber VJs:

Dimension7: Ani*Mation; Ron Ciron; Chris Dodson(image muse); Austin Lambe; Dan Todd; Tom Williams; Kurt Wobken

Fiber lasers:

Skippy Raftery and Crystal Soiu

Fiber lighting:

Russ Langford

Fiber installation art:

Michael Dates; Nathan Scott; Crystal Soiu

Fiber textual cut-ups:

Words: David Pescovitz , Graphics: Ani*Mation and Jody Radzik

Fiber fashion show

Styling and direction: Adaam Saaks; Makeup: Janie Cairns; Makeup Assistant: Andria Day; Hairstylist: Lorraine Godfrey
Models: Nathalia Baca, Heather Connel, Rachel F., Dwayne Levy, John Meadors, David Meanix, Polywog, Mary Pozycki, Suzan Robinson, Sarah Suhr, Kris Wasley

Fiber Photography:

Russ Langford, Amy Sagiv

Fiber net-cast :

CEA : Rex Booth , WDG : Eli Sagiv , Industrial Immolation : Eric Paulos

Fiber World Wide Weave page:

Web Design Group: Annie Phyo and Eli Sagiv


Annie Phyo
voicemail: 415.789.8448

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